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Borland Property Maintenance provide both domestic and commercial electrical services and specialise in Solar Panel Installations and Services. We are based in Bedfordshire and cover Milton Keynes and surrounding areas of Buckinghamshire.

electrician solar panels milton keynes bedfordshire"Help protect against rising electricity costs.."

Returns of 9 - 10% and paybacks of 7 - 8 years are still typical with the governments Feed In Tariff scheme, providing guaranteed income for 20 years, index linked annually by RPI. Solar Panel Installation milton keynes bedfordshireThese returns are further improved when the generating premises are higher users of electricity.

Get paid for what you generate
and see significant
reductions in your electric bills too!

Images shown include some of our Solar Panel Installations

Domestic and Commercial Solar InstallationsSolar Panel Installation Milton Keynes Bedfordshire.

Electricity prices are set to increase further due to the retirement of fossil fuel power stations and the introduction of new nuclear stations. The starting Feed In Tariff (FIT) payments for every KWhr generated - annually escalated and guaranteed for 20 years - are set by the government - and reduced - every quarter. Now is an excellent time to install solar and "lock in" your FIT payments before electricity prices increase further.

As a further incentive introduced by the goverment, "Permitted Planning Rights" have been introduced meaning that planning permission is no longer required before installing solar panels on most domestic and commercial properties (we can help confirm this for you). 

Our free full survey process includes a review and measurement of your roof and electrical installation, a review of electricity bills to analyse your consumption and a discussion to understand your objectives - full business cases are provided detailing costs / Return on Investment / Payback Period and Carbon avoided. System performance projections used within business cases are government regulated but we also have software that will project performance using the nearest weather station data to your property.  


electrician solar panels milton keynes bedfordshire
Free surveys, and where suitable, full business cases are provided, using national government regulated approved assessment procedures and also projections using weather station data local to the premises - business cases for suitable properties are generated at no cost.

Solar Panel Installation milton keynes bedfordshireSolar Panel Installation milton keynes bedfordshire

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